Business Without Walls- March 2018 Edition

Entrepreneurship Weekly Journal: February 19th – February 25th 2018. “Quitters never win and winners never quit“. One major ingredient used in cooking every successful entrepreneur is BUSINESS FAILURE. I have set up over 5 businesses that never saw the light of the day. In 2011 I organized a program called “I-YES” IMO YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT Read More

More specialized knowledge equals more business growth

Entrepreneurship Weekly Journal:  February 19th – February 25th 2018.      “You will remain the same way you are five years from now if not for two things – the books you read and the friends you keep” .-Abraham Lincoln There are two kinds of  business knowledge – general and specialized knowledge, general knowledge doesn’t grow a Read More

One sound idea is enough

IDEAS RULE THE WORLD People have found it difficult to accept the fact that the first thing you need to start a business is not CAPITAL but a SOUND IDEA. When Reloaded Enugu Youth 4 skills was to start I had no money, even to eat was a challenge but I had a sound idea Read More

My Husband Does Not See Me!!!

This has been the complaint of many wives in their marriage today. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not to be a bed of suffering. Have you been managing your marriage instead of enjoying the mutual friendship and love? Then continue to read this article as we take a deep look at the life Read More

Can backmasking hidden in a song be spiritually dangerous?

Backmasking, or backward masking, is an audio technique in which a voice message or series of sounds is recorded backward onto an audio track intended to be played forward. Backmasking is a conscious process done by an individual with the intention of reversing pieces of the audio. Backmasking is different from phonetic reversal, in which Read More


The conscious and the subconscious mind, making up the human brain, have often been compared to a computer. The conscious mind acts as a communication center it controls all voluntary actions of the body, makes decisions, reason, calculates. it is creative. It can think of new ideas, register pain fear, happiness. etc. in order for Read More

Purify Yourself – Personal Examination Book

Purify Yourself by Paul Rika Is a small book meant for your Personal examination on Righteousness and Holiness. The Box X-Rays your heart and challenges you ton acquire from God, a Pure Heart and Holy Life. It is motivated by 2Corinthians17:1 “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of Read More